Objective: In all our activities, https://paraminews.com/ has high standards of ethics. We have formulated this policy to ensure that each staff member acts with honour, complies with applicable laws and regulations, and refrains from taking any action driven by self-interest.

Gifts, Favors and Payments:

Gifts, favours or payments offered by https://paraminews.com/ should correspond to accepted business practices, have a minimal value and be lawful; they must not embarrass the company if publicly disclosed.

According to company policy, it is against the rules for any payments commissions or compensations to be made to associates of customers without a written agreement being in place.

Gifts, Favors, Entertainment and Payments Received:

Associates may not seek or accept any gifts, favors entertainment or payment unless there is a legitimate business reason for doing so – particularly from organizations engaged in or looking to transact with https://paraminews.com/.

Exceptions include customary courtesies associated with trade practices as well as low-cost tokens but stringent criteria apply especially when it comes to presents from suppliers.

Conflicts of Interest:

Employees are expected to act in such a way that their personal interests do not conflict with those of https://paraminews.com/; such conflicting positions should be disclosed immediately through appropriate channels within the organization starting from one’s own supervisor/manager up through the chain ending at HR department if necessary

Such situations may involve owning shares outside companies dealing with/competing against https://paraminews.com/; serving on boards committees etc., related to rival firms; any other circumstances which could put at risk any aspect(s) of company interest(s).


No unauthorized person shall disclose or use confidential information belonging either directly or indirectly without permission otherwise he/she will face severe penalties including being discharged from duty after disciplinary measures have been taken against them according law provisions applicable here within.


Failure observe this policy would result into disciplinary steps being taken towards errant members until they are dismissed from their positions; also all associates have obligation report any violations which may come under their notice.

Social Media Guidelines:


When posting on social media, please use common sense as these posts can last forever and reach a lot of people.

Employees must read and understand company policies as stated in the Employee Handbook

Be Careful What You Post:

You are responsible for your online activity. Any inappropriate content found could lead to termination.

Posts should be from personal point of view with a clear indication that it is not an opinion representing https://paraminews.com/

Be Respectful and Professional:

Keep a professional and respectful tone all through your communication. Do not post anything that might be considered offensive, threatening or harassing towards others.

Avoid sharing false information about others which might ruin their reputation or privacy rights.

Be Honest and Accurate:

Accuracy is key when making posts online; should there be any mistake made please correct it immediately by editing such post so that readers get true facts regarding subject matter discussed therein

Always respect laws governing internet usage as well as copyright laws protecting digital content from being misused without authorized consent given thereof i.e., original authors must always be acknowledged where applicable etc., otherwise this amounts plagiarism punishable under relevant legislation dealing with intellectual property rights

Respect Laws And Confidentiality:

Ensure compliance with legal requirements such as Copyright Act among other statutes safeguarding privacy rights concerning individuals’ personal data collected during business transactions entered into via electronic means like email communication system used by employees within https://paraminews.com/ Ltd etc., therefore no secret information pertaining to company’s affairs shall ever revealed unless permitted by management who has authority over its release according prevailing statute law applicable here within these premises at any given moment

Report Your Concerns:

You should promptly notify Human Resources if you suspect any possible breach of policy. No one will retaliate against you for reporting misconduct in good faith